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From our best-selling Balance and Beauty to the minimalist design

of our Simplicity spinner ring, our Classic Collection encapsulates

timeless beauty, and includes our most loved rings.

These will become an heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

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Whether committing to a relationship, to a career, or to cherishing a memory,

Energy Stone's Commitment line has you covered. Demonstrate your bond

with our Double Tree ring, celebrate your tenacity with the Fortitude ring,

or dedicate yourself to others with the Never Quit ring.

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Designer's Ring


Featuring our most artistic rings, our Designer's collection showcases

products from the simple and subtle to the elegant and attention catching.

Explore our most fun and vivid designs, and find the perfect ring to express yourself!

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Zen Moment


Return to the present moment with this collection of soothing grounding rings.

Explore different types of mindfulness, from the grounding effects of walking meditation,

to the power of prayer, to experiencing the calming and comforting effects which come

from connecting with nature.

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The Far East


This collection features designs inspired by the arts and cultures of

South and East Asia, from Japan's famous wave art, to Hindu goddesses,

and the architecture and natural wonders of the Indian Sub-Continent.

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Our Men's collection features designs that are bold and fashionable, and suitable for any occasion.

Bring yourself a sense of calm and groundedness, whether you're committing yourself to

helping others, or hoping for a stylish and subtle means of bringing yourself to the present.

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