The Energy of Stone

The Energy of Stone

Do stones really have energy?

Let me begin by telling you a little history of my business.

My Business Experience

I started this business in 1994. I’ll be honest with you; I didn’t start the business because I got a calling from the stones to showcase their energy. I started the business because I felt that despite all my knowledge in financial analysis, I had no clue as to what makes a business successful or what its like to run one. I could claim to be a good economist or investment manager as much as I liked, but I only knew numbers. I didn’t know business.

I wanted to challenge myself at my weakest point, which was salesmanship. There’s a saying that you can’t be a successful businessperson if you’re not a good salesperson, and I wanted to strengthen my weakest point.

Was I being naïve? Looking back, I was. I grossly underestimated how hard it would be to start a business and make it a success.  I certainly didn’t have the entrepreneurial instinct and skills of my friends who became billionaire businessmen in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, I did try to sell and worked hard to better myself and my business in the last 26 years. I worked through the period when selling in trade shows was the only way to grow your business and getting a good booth was a ten-year waiting game. At the peak of this era, I did eleven trade shows a year!

I also had the experience of driving two hours to a small town to get a two-hundred-dollar order from a mom-and-pop shop. Being an on-the-road salesperson is not easy and I am not sure I was cut out for it.

The Shopping Channel

Only when I started selling on The Shopping Channel did I feel more comfortable with my role. The orders were bigger, and I had a direct connection with the customers. I started off selling pearl jewelry and moved on to semi-precious stone jewelry. I had a professional saleslady selling on my behalf in both shows, so I wasn’t on air until the Imperial Jade show.

I had hesitated to go live for so long because English isn’t my first language, but The Shopping Channel reassured me that speaking English with an accent is endearing in Canada and that my sense of humor was also an asset. They assured me that I would do fine.

During the Imperial Jade show, many customers asked me about the folklore of jade in China and some of them asked about the energy of jade. I received questions like, would black jade have grounding energy while green jade would bring fortune and prosperity? When enough people asked about the energy of stone, I decided to dig deeper into the subject.

My Quest for Answers

What is energy? Do stones have energy?

The quest for the answer led me to seek training from Karen Ryan, the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crystals. In 2013, I got serious about understanding “Energy”—I took a certificate in Homeopathy, a diploma in Energy Work, and I began training to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I picked up Tai Chi and I’m still a student of a martial art form called Wing Chun. 

All this training has heightened my sensitivity to energy. But I still return to the question of the energy of stone.

What is it?

When we talk about the energy of stone, we like to think of its mystical qualities, like its ability to bring luck or fortune or love, or the grounding and protection abilities it grants its wearers, or its ability to heighten your sensitivity to the unknown.

During my quest, I have met people who can see auras, and one of them told me that holding a piece of crystal causes the shape of an aura to change. For example, when holding a piece of smoky quartz, an aura will move downward and spread toward the ground, exemplifying the grounding property of smoky quartz.

I can’t see auras, nor am I interested in training myself to do so. I always think that having five senses is enough to fill my senses, and I’m content with that. I don’t need a sixth sense.

But have I experienced the energy of stone? Yes, I have.

My Experiences with Stone Energy

Stones do have the ability to settle my soul and help me through difficult times. Once, I was betrayed by a person whom I considered to be a good friend. I was shaking and unable to sleep, so I wore a carnelian bracelet to bed. Carnelian resonates with our sacral chakra energy for friendship. When I put it on, I found my energy was more settled and it helped me through the night.

On another occasion, my ten-year-old son was repeatedly having nightmares. He cried out in his sleep and I was unable to wake him, so the next day I allowed him to pick either a kyanite stone or a fluorite stone. He chose the fluorite stone.

He would usually start crying out in his sleep near dawn, so I was already awake, and able to put the stone in his hand. His crying stopped, as if the stone’s energy pushed it inside. Eventually, his nightmares stopped as well.

Science and Stone Energy

There is not much scientific research on the energy of stones. Most of the information we have about the properties and effects of a stone’s energy depends on the experience and intuition of people who can feel and see energy. This is not to say it’s impossible to gather data and develop scientific evidence to show that stones release their own unique energies. These beautiful treasures from the Earth have so much knowledge just waiting to be uncovered.

As with any scientific study, the development of theory starts from observation. Observations become anecdotes. When enough anecdotes are gathered, hypotheses can be developed for testing. The field of stone energy study is still in the observation stage.

When the world is faced with more imminent medical issues, such as the cure to deadly viruses, it’s unlikely there will be resources devoted to the study of stone energy soon.  As such, let’s free our minds to be the observers of the beauty and soothing power found in stones, and let’s allow the experience to be as unique as our individuality.

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