Energy Stone’s Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth

Reasons Why Energy Stone's Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth Will Change Your Life

✅INSTANT SHINE: Say goodbye to stubborn tarnishes in mere seconds. With the Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth, all silver and gold jewelry are easily cleaned with just a few swipes to give a flawless lasting shine. Elevate any outfit with confidence and class with your favorite set of cleaned jewelry.

✅21st CENTURY CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: stunning timepiece deserves to be well taken care of and kept for life. From rings to earpieces to necklaces, the Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth’s 21st century cleaning technology removes tarnishes like you’ve never seen before and gives a protective layer of anti-tarnish coat for a lasting shine.

SAFE ON THE SKIN: The Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth’s cleaning technology is concocted from cosmetic grade formula which is safe on skin. It is the chemical compound used in foundation and primer. A perfect combination, your jewelry polished to perfection and safe to the touch.

LIQUID MESS-FREE EXPERIENCE: Forget the old days of using liquid cleaners, vinegar, soda or toxic liquid chemicals that irritate the skin and are dangerous to children. Just take it out of the packaging, give it a few swipes, and you're ready to rediscover the brilliance of your jewelry, whether it's a cherished heirloom or a recent addition to your collection.

PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE: Trusted by jewelers and gallery owners. This cloth is the secret weapon for that final touch-up, ensuring each piece looks showroom-ready.

✅A GAME CHANGER: Meticulously crafted from our rich 30-year legacy in the jewelry world, this cloth doesn't just clean, it transforms. A testament to our relentless dedication to superior craftsmanship and innovation.


How To Use

1. Just wipe back and forth the tarnished area of your silver or gold jewelry until it gets shiny. You will see the tarnish removed and your jewelry will be coated with a protective layer of anti-tarnish coat.

2. Continue cleaning if you still see the tarnish. You can push deeper when you wipe for deeper tarnishes.

3. The black residue on the hand is the reaction of the cosmetic grade cleaner in the cloth with the material of the gold or silver jewelry. Just wash your hands after cleaning with soap and water. Do not worry as the formula is 100% skin-friendly.

4. Use and re-use the Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth until you see that it can’t remove tarnish anymore.

We understand how one person holds deep the memories within a certain heirloom, a piece of jewelry gift, or your engagement and wedding ring. The excitement of being able to remove their tarnish, bring back their shine to look new, and wear them again with pride is the perfect reason why the Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth was created.

Rediscover the brilliance of your jewelry, whether it's a cherished heirloom or a recent addition. With Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth, every piece will gleam as if it's brand new. It's not just a cloth; it's a promise of perpetual shine.

Product Specifications

Large 32x22 cm

An Energy Stone Promise

For over 30 years, Energy Stone has been at the forefront of crafting exquisite jewelry that resonates with the spirit of our times. Now, we bring that same dedication and expertise to our Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth. This isn't just another cloth; it's a culmination of our legacy, designed to breathe life back into your cherished pieces. Infused with the 21st century technology of mineral oil and diatomaceous earth, it promises to restore the shine and brilliance your jewelry once had. And because we stand by the quality of every product we offer, our Energy Stone Silver and Gold Polishing Cloth comes with a 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked. When you purchase from us, there is ZERO Risk for you!

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