Designing fine jewelry for over a quarter of a century

For 25 years, we’ve been designing jewelry relevant to the times we live in. In 2011, the Energy Stone Spinner Ring Collection was created, modeled after the Prayer Wheel in Tibet.

Traditionally, the Prayer Wheel has been used to accumulate wisdom and merit, and to purify negativities. Turning the wheel and reciting the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, acts as a mind-stabilizing, calming and meditative technique. In the Western Hemisphere, spinner rings are worn as fashion statements that also work to expel nervous energies and embody true mindfulness.

Today, the Energy Stone Spinner Ring Collection is the highlight of our company as our designs continue to grow in numbers and popularity around the world.

Exciting beginnings

Born out of an unquestionable love for jewelry design, Energy Stone was founded in 1994 as an eclectic jewelry and lifestyle brand. With a focus on beliefs, values and profound meanings, we use our eye for fashion and artistic flare to create one-of-a-kind jewelry designs that carry a story, and help their wearers honour important milestones and crystalize their personal values.

From our founder, with love

Viola So feels joy and gratefulness in her work. From developing new and meaningful designs, to collaborating with creators and managing shipments to customers, Viola says she is truly fortunate to be able to do what she loves. Finding value and purpose in every task, Viola’s love, focus and attentiveness are evident throughout the company and the jewelry it creates.

Grounded in passion, handmade with artisan skill

Handmade is synonymous with distinctiveness. Naturally, this means each ring may vary slightly from the information you see on weight, shape and pattern in our description. This is also what makes every ring unique in its own way.

Spinner rings have two essential components: a base, band ring and a top spinning ring (or rings) that moves freely around the base beneath it. Solid design and crafting attributes make the spinner the perfect distance from the base to ensure that it is intact and secure, but also seamlessly able to move and spin.

Every member of the Energy Stone team is passionate about what they do and truly cares about the pieces they work on. We wouldn’t dream of working with anyone else. This translates into stories told through jewelry artistry, intricate designs and meticulous attention to detail.