Maintain Your Jewelry

 Cleaning your silver jewelry

Your Energy Stone jewelry is a precious and refined piece. By taking a few precautions in using and maintaining it, you will be able to preserve its original beauty over time.

  • There are many ways to restore your Energy Stone spinner ring's original shine. Because your ring may be made of the combination of silver, brass, and copper, the best way to clean all these metals is to polish with a silver cleaning cloth, which is included with every Energy Stone jewelry purchase.
  • Simply polish your jewelry piece with the silver cleaning cloth, making sure to apply adequate pressure until the tarnish disappears to restore the brightness of the piece. Repeat if necessary. 

 Keep your jewelry in tip-top shape

  • Consider removing your jewelry before going to sleep, practicing any sports (especially swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool) , washing your hands, or using corrosive products. 
  • Put your jewelry on after putting on make-up. Avoid bringing your jewelry into contact with fragrances, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, or chlorine. 
  • Prevent damage or loss of your jewelry by storing it individually in its original box or pouch after wearing it. Contact with other jewelry pieces may cause scratches. 
  • If your jewelry suffers a shock or hit, the stone setting may need to be checked. 

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