Amber to Open Your Money Safe

Amber to Open Your Money Safe


And I have a very good story to tell you. Look at this piece of pendant. This is not amber, this is pre-amber. This is called copal. And I got this from a friend of mine, who is actually a well known fortune teller, or astrologist in Taiwan. He's one of the top four. And the interesting thing is I had known him for a long time, like 10 years, I didn't know he was a fortune teller, he hid that from me.

I made friends with his wife. His wife has a jewelry business just like I, so we always see each other at trade shows and he always come to the trade shows and have fun walk around looking at stuff. And that's how I got to know him. So I didn't know he was a fortune teller until finally his wife told me that but then you know, the problem is once you let people know you're a fortune teller people would come to you and say, can you tell my fortune? Can you tell my fortune for free? I guess that's why they didn’t want people to know he was a fortune teller. But when he found out that I found out that he was a fortune teller he started telling me more and more about my fortune.

So of course I asked him to tell my fortune, like systematically, but he said oh you don't need it, you don't need it. He didn't want to do it. And then finally one day he decided he would do it for me and for a fee. But, that was more like a red packet because in Chinese culture we believe if you tell someone's fortune you have to get something back from that person. So like a red packet. And I gave him a red packet which is not his fee at all because he's quite expensive.

And so he told my fortune and he told me I have like two “money safes” that I have not opened. So, that's not literal, that is like figuratively speaking that I have money waiting for me. But, the first one I can open gently and take a little bit out, something like that but the big one I have not opened yet. And today I still have not opened it (laughing). It is in my future and I hope he is accurate. I believe he's accurate. And I hope he is accurate. So after the fortune telling and he said to open your “money safe”, you can wear a piece of amber.

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