5 Spinner Rings To Help Keep You Calm And Focused

5 Spinner Rings To Help Keep You Calm And Focused

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Each ring has a unique story to tell us and that is part of what makes owning jewelry such a long-held tradition. Rings come in all shapes, sizes, and typologies. And when women’s spinner rings have a lot to say, it is important that we figure out how we can better listen to them. These intertwined bands are disguised in simplicity but offer a host of tangible and intangible benefits to their wearer. In moments where our internal monologue can overwhelm us, spinner rings can provide a soothing touch to our nervous energies. Today, we’d like to walk you through some of our favorite meditation rings in this collection, so that you can reap all the benefits these spectacular jewelry pieces have to offer. 

Joy and Abundance 

A reminder to be grateful

Frankly, it is all in the name. The climbing vines symbolism that this ring incorporates is synonymous with prosperity. The movement of the vine across the band shows the true essence of growth and abundance to its wearer. This classical sterling silver ring includes a base ring and two spinner rings which can be rotated during times of worry and stress. The craftsmanship pays close attention to detail and ensures that your spinner rings remain intact to the base. Anyone who is feeling jittery about the next few phases of their life should consider adding this jewelry piece to their wardrobe. We believe that the meaning behind this spinner ring will inspire them to approach their life from a place of positivity and gratitude, tools that can significantly uplift their experiences.


A testament to your growth

The French word for butterfly is Papillion and its symbology is what has inspired this particular jewelry piece. The band accompanies gusts of winds and flower backdrops, while a lone butterfly takes flight. The movement of the butterfly across the spinner ring serves as a reminder to the wearer of the effort it takes to grow. The growing pains that a caterpillar may experience as it transforms into a butterfly have a lot to teach us about what it takes to get to where we are going. Our future hopes may seem out of reach but determination and hard work go a long way and a ring that is able to remind us of this sentiment can deeply soothe our nervousness in times of worry. For anyone going through a transformative portion in their lives, a women’s spinner ring like this goes a long way.


An expression of fluidity

Using the movements of a dancer as a precedent, this sterling silver spinner ring checks all the boxes. The fluidity of dance is mimicked beautifully in the intricate patterns of the base ring. All while the rotating spinner rings above evoke simplicity so that the base ring continuously stands out. For those of us who cannot contain our spontaneity and fiery personalities, a ring like this manages to consistently stay relatable to us. When we approach life with zeal, it gives us many chances to appreciate everyday moments with a new kind of spirit. Here, we believe that it is important to nurture the parts of ourselves that look at life with this kind of gusto. Let the Dancer spinner ring encourage you to greet the spontaneity of life with open arms.


A reflection of inner strength

The word fortitude means to have courage in times of pain or uncertainty. With the constant uncertainties that life brings, this worry ring will actually remind you to look past your worries. The adversities of our lifetime are usually out of our control, but the way we choose to respond to them is something we have complete control over. Fortitude showcases a standing tree that remains rooted to the ground. We are all familiar with the tree and how it goes through major shifts in seasons and weather each year. However what we may forget is that despite what calamity comes its way, the tree stands tall, facing each challenge with strength and vigor. Allow Fortitude to remind you of the inner strength you have within you to brave out the storms that affect you and let it motivate you to stand tall. 

Double Tree

Mutually beneficial relationships 

The imagery of two trees side by side is the classical expression of nurturing relationships that can withstand the test of time. When we work on the relationships closest to us, we can ensure their longevity. It is important to appreciate and nurture our loved ones so that we can remind them of how much they mean to us and the true impact of their place within our lives. The only thing certain about life is that it is uncertain. Situations that can deeply affect our world are incredibly difficult to overcome on our own. The Double Tree meditation spinner ring is a subtle reminder of how much we need our loved ones around. Whether it is to commemorate an important occasion or as a gesture of goodwill, this ring will do all the talking for you. 

All of our rings seek to deeply and positively impact your lives. Whether it is through individual growth or relational ones, we sincerely believe that consistent effort can go a long way. With our rings, we hope to revive and nurture those parts of your personality that can benefit your approach to life. Here’s how you can find a unique spinner ring for yourself today:

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