Nature’s Effect On The Human Mind

Nature’s Effect On The Human Mind

And why so much of our jewelry takes inspiration from it! 

As we continue to migrate from towns to cities, it is not without consequence to our lifestyles and overall well-being. The calming landscape of the rural town is no match for the bustling atmosphere of the urban city. In the former setting, nature is integrated seamlessly into the lifestyles of the people living there while in the latter, natural elements are scarce. Recent studies have pointed to nature’s pivotal role in calming the mind. Today, we’d like to explore this effect in more detail because it provides valuable insight on what we can do differently to live more nourishing lives. Plus, it will explain why our spinner ring collection contains so many natural elements. Keep reading to find out more.

The risk of urban living

As city dwellers, we are already at a higher risk of feeling low. When Stanford University conducted a study to assess the impact of nature on our mental health, what they found was interesting, to say the least. Quantifiable evidence showed how exposure to nature could significantly lower the risk of depression. In the study, two groups of people were asked to take a walk for 90 minutes. The first group walked near a busy highway while the second walked over an oak tree-lined shrubbery. Afterward, each group’s experience and stress levels were assessed and compared. The results showed how the city walkers were more agitated, upset, and stressed out in comparison to their counterparts.

The case for greener pastures

With the fast-paced structures of our modern lives, it is not surprising that we may often overlook the role nature plays for us. Regardless of where we stand on the matter, it is important for each of us to make time for a healthy dose of Mother Earth. But with busy schedules and little time on our hands, how do we even begin to cultivate such meditative methods.

Physical manifestations of Nature

The first approach to building one’s relationship with nature is through experiencing it in the flesh. This of course depends on where one lives. However, when we have the privilege of being close to nature, we must try our best to physically go out the door. A breath of fresh air can do us some good, so here are some simple and manageable ways to get your Vitamin D up.

Go for a hike, walk, or run

Going outside on any physical excursion is rewarding on its own, but arranging this activity in the wilderness can help you kill two birds with one stone. Scheduling a daily walk may be difficult initially, but taking out any time as short as 15 minutes is enough to nourish you in the long run. If you have more time, try to squeeze in some yoga and meditation while you’re outside. This double benefit is best for calming your mind and taking a break from the stressors that wait for you at home or work. And in a world that is quickly moving away from offices to at-home workstations, prioritizing outdoor exercise is necessary, if not essential. 

Try Gardening

Another calming activity that helps us connect with nature is gardening. Not only are we exposed to nature, but we also help nurture it in the process. This proximity with nature is incomparable because we are responsible for the well-being of a plant as it ages. However, do not be fooled. Watering, caring for, and treating plants is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is for you, the sweetness of seeing your sunflower seed or avocado plant take life is like no other feeling in the world. 

 Keep indoor plants

Like we said before, having access to nature is a privilege. And depending on your location’s climate, exposure to light, and the season of the year, going outside may be worse than staying in. However, the challenge of bringing nature closer remains. When there is a scarcity of nature outside, it can do wonders to cultivate a sense of nature inside. Whether it is a small cactus at your work desk or a large ficus, having them close by will achieve the same benefit. Plus, for closed environments, indoor plants can even act as an air purifier, so these plants will literally help you breathe. And if all else fails, consider opting for a low-maintenance fake plant instead.

Spiritual manifestations of Nature

Of course, once we start putting the work in, it is crucial that we do our best to reap the full benefits of our pursuits. Realizing and reminding ourselves of why we must build a strong bond with nature can help us stay committed to our goals. So, here are some ways you can stay grounded (pun intended!).

 Go for earthy interiors

The things we see on a regular basis serve as a spiritual reminder of nature. Here, paying a nod to earthy tones within our interior spaces can make all the difference. Consider greens, browns, and blues as tones that serve as a reminder for vegetation, soil, sky, or even the ocean. These tones also provide a calming effect on our minds. The colour blue especially is a representation of tranquility, relaxation, and peace. Consider opting for some of these neutral tones as fabric covers or wall paints the next time you renovate your home.

 Press and preserve your plants

Sometimes when our exposure to nature is so rare, we can do well with ways to remember it. This can range from taking time out to draw the intricacies of nature or keeping treasures that take us back to a time we were nearby. A way to combine these two activities can be through pressing and preserving plant life. This can be as easy as finding a flower or leaf you like and closing it in a journal for a couple of days, the longer the better. Some people even go a step further by glass pressing them in frames, so they can prolong their beauty. Flowers and leaves do tend to lose their color over time, but they still retain all their beauty.

 Jewelry that embraces nature

 We cannot speak for other jewelry companies, but ours is one that regularly pays tribute to the symbolism of nature. Combining the healing properties of nature with the calming effects of spinner rings yields a product that is meant to destress the mind from the overwhelming events of the day. When jewelry pays a nod to Mother Earth, it is done only with gratitude and appreciation for the beauty she surrounds us with. Whether it is the palm leaf anxiety ring or the Papillon meditation spinner ring, both pay homage to the essence of nature and will help you internally reflect on its vastness. An internal reflection that we hope can bring you peace.  

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