A Soul's Journey

A Soul's Journey
My son came into the house after letting the  dogs do their business in the backyard before going to bed. “Don’t go out to the back, coyotes are nearby, I can hear them.

My son never ceases to amaze me with his innate ability to sense, survey and combat the environment.  How can anyone hear coyotes?  They are usually quiet.  Is there something in the air that he can sense?  His ability to survey the environment is a gift that he is born with but not inherited,  because I sure am insensitive to what is around me and his father never went camping even when his parents were scout masters.

I once asked him how does he know so much about combating the environment, he said it is an instinct.  I said that is called gift, you are gifted in this.

A soul that is born through me does not need to be like me.

My son is a comrade.  During the pandemic many young people suffered from depression.  After a couple of his friends perished, he was in a dark place himself but still mustered enough energy to help his friends who were in a worse place than him.  He cares about his friends so much that his grades suffer.

For these, he is the best companion to travel with.  Last year we bravely jumped into the Aegean Sea together.  This summer he picked the desert.  We are going to the Gobi desert in Mongolia.  I asked him how do one tell direction in the desert where there is no landmark? He said there are still trees.  Really?  But still there is no landmark.  There are no stars in the day, how do you tell direction?  He rolled his eyes and did not talk back. 

In the midst of sand dunes, one can only sense, one can only use instincts, maybe  that’s where we find our souls. 

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